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Welcome Agents

Welcome to You should know that is designed to be an agent oriented website and our company will always value the real estate agent as an integral part of the real estate sales process. Once you are registered as an Agent on, you can 1) Sell properties, 2) Bid on properties, and 3) Verify properties (if you are an REO agent) that a lender has placed on the website. You can do all of these things with a single Agent Account.

Listing Agents’s online bidding program is designed to keep the listing agent at the center of the real estate transaction. We are here to assist you, the real estate professional, with selling properties faster and more efficiently through a transparent and fair bidding process. All properties on are required to have a listing agent and we do not allow FSBOs on the site. For a detailed overview of the Agent Direct (Selling) Program that includes "FAQ" and "Who Pays What," click here.

Buyer Agents is also a great way for Buyer Agents to find properties and make money. All properties offer a Buyer Agent fee (commission) unless otherwise noted. When an agent registers to bid for a customer, or several customers, their Agent Account will assist them in keeping track of which customer they are bidding for and how much they have bid. In 2004, only 9% of all bids placed on were placed by real estate agents for their customers. In 2010, that number has grown to over 60%, so we are very pleased at the acceptance of the site as a place for agents to make money for themselves and for their customers.

REO Agents

If you are an REO agent, and your property has been posted on by a financial institution or asset manager, you will need to verify the property information sent to us by the Seller. To verify a property, you will need to login to your Agent Account with the information supplied to you via email. Once at your Agent Account, go to the Verify A Property link.

Important Note: It is possible that a small number of agents may have multiple valid accounts due to registrations that were submitted using different email addresses. If you suspect that you may have more than one Agent Account, it would be advantageous to have these accounts combined. Please contact our Customer Service department at or 877-518-5700, and we can help correct this problem.

Video Tutorial

Agent Orientation Video