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Bidding Questions & Answers

For more details around bidding, see below.

  • What is
  • Where do these properties come from?
  • How do I get notified about properties in my area?
  • Will I be responsible for liens or back taxes owed on the properties?
  • What is the duration of the bidding process?
  • Is the reserve price disclosed to the public?
  • If I am the highest bidder, do I automatically win the property?
  • What happens at the conclusion of bidding?
  • Am I guaranteed the property if it reaches the Reserve Price?
  • Will you explain the costs involved with purchasing a property?
  • May I finance a transaction if purchased on
  • Is there a way to bid without staying in front of my computer?
  • Can I wait until the last five minutes to place my bid?
  • Are there any safeguards to prevent “sniping” in the closing moments?
  • Who determines the starting bid?
  • Will I have the opportunity to view and inspect the property after my bid?
  • How do I view a property prior to bidding?
  • Are there fees associated with registering or bidding on
  • As an Agent representing a Buyer, will I be compensated?
  • What computer system is required for bidding?
  • Why am I having trouble logging in with the correct login information?
  • Can I use to complete a Short Sale?
  • Can I monitor multiple properties from a central location on the site?
  • How do I know if I’m outbid?
  • How will I know when the “active” bidding will end?
  • What happens to a property if the reserve is not met by the end of the Post Bid Period?
  • Does assign listing agents to the properties?