Helpful Site Features


Don't forget to sign up for Property Notification Emails notifying you when new properties are added in your area. This is a free feature -- no subscription needed.

Alerts are available to bidders immediately upon login. The Bidder Alert window will notify you of any emails that have been sent to you by RealtyBid, including outbid notices, high bid confirmations, contract questionnaires and contract documents.

All of these specific emails are retrievable from your Alert window.

While you will still receive emails from through your personal email system, you can now also utilize the Alert window to retrieve email notifications and any documents that are linked within those emails.

My Properties

To bid on this site, there are two options. You can either bid from each property's Bid Page or you can bid from your My Properties page.

My Properties is a convenient location where you, the bidder, can monitor properties of interest to you and properties on which you have already bid. This feature allows you to view and bid on your properties of interest. If you are bidding on multiple properties, use of the My Properties page is a must (Investors should also take advantage of the site's BidAssist™ feature. See the information below). My Properties is the simplest way to watch and bid on multiple properties.

If you are only bidding on one property, you would probably want to bid directly from that property's Bid Page.

Any property submitted by a bidder to My Properties will be stored for seven days after the conclusion of an event. This provides you the option to go back and review all bids placed on your properties of interest for up to a week after each bidding event has ended.


Bid Assist™ - The Most Useful Tool on

Bid Assist™ is an automated bid system designed to enable you to bid during an auction even when you must be away from your computer.

Bid Assist™ is an easy way to temporarily “Set and Forget” bids on When entering your bid amount on the Place a Bid form, simply enter the highest price you're willing to pay for the property in the Bid Assist™ field, and the system will do the rest.

The Bid Assist™ system will automatically bid on your behalf to the next highest bid increment above the competing bidder but will not exceed your highest bid amount entered into the Bid Assist™ system.

If someone outbids you, we'll let you know by email, so you can decide if you want to increase your maximum bid.

For example, if you are the current high bidder with a bid of $100,000 and a set Bid Assist™ of $105,000 and a competing bidder enters an offer of $102,000, the Bid Assist™ system will automatically bid $103,000 for you (assuming a bid increment of $1,000), thus maintaining your position as the high bidder.


Bid Assist™ is used as a tie breaker.

For example, consider this scenario:

  • ➡️ The current high bid on a property is $100,000, and that high bidder has set a Bid Assist™ $120,000.
  • ➡️ Another bidder places a bid of $120,000 (exactly matching the original bidder’s Bid Assist™ amount).
  • OUTCOME: The original high bidder, who set $120,000 Bid Assist™ first, will win the tie breaker and remain as the high bidder with a new high bid amount of $120,000.



• You can tell that a competing bidder has set a Bid Assist™ if there is a blue gavel icon next to their bidder screen name.

• You can choose to carry Bid Assist™ over into Post Auction bidding, but you can ONLY set a Bid Assist™ during the Active Auction. You cannot set a Bid Assist™ during Post Auction.

• Bid Assist™ helps prevent "sniping"(the practice of placing a bid likely to exceed the current highest bid as late as possible—usually seconds before the end of the auction—giving other bidders no time to outbid) at the end of an auction.


Bidding in an auction can be exciting; however, it is a contractual obligation. When you're deciding on your maximum Bid Assist™ amount, be sure you're able and willing to pay that amount (plus any applicable fees) if you win the auction.