RealtyBid - Details for Property - 1640 Old Hwy 40, Sharron Springs, KS 67758
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1640 Old Hwy 40

Sharron Springs, KS 67758
Property ID 702488


  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 Full Baths
  • 0 Sq.Ft.
  • 3 acres Lot


This 3 acre property contains a mobile home and a 100 X 50 foot building. The building is well insulated with two bonus rooms and an underground floor pit that can be used to service vehicles.
Property is being sold As-Is with no contingencies.

Contingencies/Terms Offered

  • Seller reserves the right to a final review of all bids received. Seller may accept or reject any bid regardless of whether or not the reserve price has been met.
  • Specific Property Disclosures:
    Property is being sold As-Is, Where-Is. No financing or inspection contingencies allowed.
  • Learn About Terms for Cash and Financed Purchases

    Auction Time Left

    Ends Jan 28, 2019 03:00 PM

    The countdown is usually accurate but not exact. To be safe, place bids 2 hours before the bidding ends.

    Current Bid

    $30,000 to Bid Now
    Reserve not met bid now Bid History
    Fee type Fee amount
    Buyer Agent Fee 3% (Seller Pays at Closing)
    Transaction Fee $2,500 (Buyer Pays at Closing)
    Deposit 5% or $2,000 whichever is greater.


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