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8980 Richmond Rd

Osceola County, St Cloud, FL 34773
Property ID 718582


  • 39560 Sq Ft
  • 0.92Acres Lot


Almost an Acre! In Greater Orlando near Booming Lake Mary & St. Cloud! Big 0.92 Acres Buildable Lot in St. Cloud Area with paved Road Frontage and in the heart of Holopaw! Walking distance to Community Center and only 1.5miles to BBQ, Dollar General, Grocery Store, BP & More! Close to Disney and ONLY 30min to the Beach! Priced to move!

Contingencies/Terms Offered

  • Seller reserves the right to a final review of all bids received. Seller may accept or reject any bid regardless of whether or not the reserve price has been met.
  • Specific Property Disclosures: Property selling subject to 3-day inspection contingency period. 3-day inspection contingency begins first business day following receipt of the fully executed contract from buyers to close within 14 days; financed buyers to close within 30 days.
  • Learn About Terms for Cash and Financed Purchases

    Please note that the seller may reject your offer if you change from a "cash" purchase to a "financed" purchase after your offer has been placed.

    One-Year Forecast

    ZIP + 6.19%
    Metro + 4.57%

    Historical Growth

      Last Year 10 Year
    ZIP - 0.19% +39.85%
    Metro + 0.58% +92.90%

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    Post Auction Time Left


    Ends Apr 19, 2021 05:00 PM Central

    During the Post Auction process, bids are relayed to the Seller on a daily basis, so it is important to place your Post Auction bid as quickly as possible. The Seller reserves the right to accept any bid during the Post Auction process. Although there is a countdown clock posted on the Bid Page during the Post Auction period, there is NO guarantee that the property will remain up for that entire time.

    Opening Bid

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    Fee type Fee amount
    Buyer Agent Fee 3 (Seller Pays at Closing)
    Transaction Fee $1,500 (Buyer Pays at Closing)
    Deposit 5% or $2,000 whichever is greater.

    Bidding Questions?

    RealtyBid Customer Service (877) 518-5700

    Listing Agent

    David Pascarella Pascarella Group Llc (407) 632-0110

    AL broker license number 67506-0