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53 Charlie Dr

Jones County, Ellisville, MS 39437
Property ID 718877


  • 984 Sq Ft
  • Built in 2008
  • 2 Car Garage
  • 1 Acre Lot


53 Charlie Dr is located in Ellisville, MS, within Jones County. Built in 2008, the property features 984 Sq Ft of space on 1 acre of land. This home is situated within the Jones County School District. Nearby schools include Glade Elementary School, South Jones High School, and Fatheree Vocational Technology School. The population of Ellisville is around 4,700. The city is located in south Mississippi less than 10 miles southwest of Laurel, MS, and about 23 miles northeast of Hattiesburg, MS.

Notes and Disclaimers


    Please note that it is unlawful to trespass on this property. Do not disturb tenant.

Contingencies/Terms Offered


One-Year Forecast

Property + 3.27%
ZIP + 3.38%
Metro + 3.32%

Property Insights

House Ranking: 6

47% of houses appreciate more than 3.02% in this ZIP Code

47% of houses are forecast to appreciate more than 3.27% in this ZIP Code

Historical Growth

  Last Year 10 Year
Property + 3.02% + 16.09%
ZIP + 0.72% +15.48%
Metro + 0.41% + 6.35%

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This property is being sold at a public auction.

Trustee Sale Details

Auction date and time
Date Jun 22, 2021
Start Time 11:00 AM
End Time 4:00 PM

Bidding Instructions

All bidders must show proof of identity as well as proof of authority to purchase on behalf of a legal entity.
100% in cash or certified funds immediately at the conclusion of the sale. Certified checks must be either made out to or endorsed over to Rubin Lublin, LLC.


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Foreclosing Attorney

*Rubin Lublin, LLC 678-281-2987

Broker of Record

This property is being offered in cooperation with: ROBERT JOHNSON WILLIAMSON (601) 540-1197 COVIUS PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, LLC BRANDON, MS Bkr Lic# 21880
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