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How To Bid - Agents

How to bid for your customers offers a great way for Buyer Agents to find properties and earn commissions by bidding on properties for their customers.  Each property on offers a Buyer Agent fee, which is indicated on the Bid Page for each property. When an agent registers to bid for a customer or multiple customers, their Agent Account will assist them in keeping track of which customer they are bidding for and how much they have bid. This adds an unprecedented level of protection for the agent, and it helps keep bidding errors to a minimum. To illustrate how assists agents in keeping up with their customers and customers’ bids, please review the following screen shot from an Agent’s Account:

As an Agent, you are not required to input a credit card for bidding. does, however, expect that you pre-qualify your customers and encourage them to view properties prior to bidding. If you would like to bid for a customer or register a customer on the site, you will first need to register as an agent.

NOTE:  If you have customers that want to bid for themselves, just tell them to list you as their Buyer’s Agent on their registration. This will ensure that you receive the Buyer Agent fee being offered for the property.

Steps to Bidding:

Step 1: Create an Agent Account via Agent Registration.

Step 2: Login and input of Customer information.

  1. Login to your Agent Account
  2. Click on “Add a New Customer”
  3. Fill out the short Registration Form and submit (make certain to enter the customer's email address).
  4. Make a note or print the Customer’s computer generated Screen Name and Password which will appear on the confirmation screen when you click Submit.

Step 3:  Search for a property and place bid for specific Customers.

  1. Once you are logged in, Search for the desired property
  2. Review the Fees Section of the Bid Page
  3. Click the orange button that reads “Place A Bid – Agent”
  4. The next window will ask, "Who are you placing a Bid for?"
  5. Click the Customer’s Name and continue (if you are bidding for yourself, click that link).
  6. Click on the appropriate bid amount and set the customer’s BidAssist amount.

(BidAssist is HIGHLY recommended if you want to protect your customer’s highest bid at the conclusion of the bidding. BidAssist is designed to protect you and your customer, so please learn about this feature and use it). Click here to learn about BidAssist.

Step 4:  Confirm your Customer’s bid.

As the agent for a bidder, you will receive all email communications and updates. Once you register your customer on the web site, you can place additional bids at any time, now or in the future. NOTE: If a bidder registers you as their agent, they will need to enter your email address in our system for you to receive email communications and updates.

To learn more about the bidding process or for step by step instructions, please review the How to Bid video tutorial at the bottom of the Agent Homepage, or click How to Bid.