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How do I know when I've been outbid?

There are two ways to know that you are outbid during an auction on

1) You should receive an email notification/alert that you've been outbid or

2) You can watch the screen throughout the auction to see if someone outbids you.

Email Notification And My Alerts:

In most cases, if you have been outbid, you will receive an email (outbid notice) and an alert within your My Alerts inbox as notification that you have been outbid. At this point, you can go back to the property's bid page and place another bid. You can bid individual bids throughout the auction; however, the best protection against being outbid is the use of BidAssistâ„¢. BidAssistâ„¢ can be your best ally during an auction. You can read more about BidAssistâ„¢ here.

Countdown Clock:

At the end of an auction, you should continue to watch the property's bid page and pay close attention to the bidding countdown clock, which is illustrated below. The countdown clock informs you of approximately how much time is left in the auction. Countdown Clock